Mediator Accreditation

National Mediation Accrediation System (NMAS)
The NMAS is a voluntary system under which mediators may choose to become nationally accredited through a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB). RMABs must meet certain requirements and are recognised by the Mediator Standards Board (MSB), established to develop and implement the NMAS.

The NMAS aims to improve the quality and consistency of mediation services within Australia. To be accredited under the system mediators must meet minimum standards of training and assessment. Re-accreditation occurs every 2 years and mediators are required to meet the hours of mediation and continued learning/education requirements specified in the Approval Standards. Mediators accredited under the system are also required to comply with the Practice Standards. A copy of each Standard is available at

The Approval Standards
The Approval Standards set out the minimum training and education requirements for mediators seeking approval and accreditation under the NMAS. They provide a standardised process for accreditation and are administered by each of the RMABs.

The Accord Group's Core Mediation Training meets the training and assessment requirements under the NMAS. Following successful completion of our Core Mediation Training, a course participant may approach an RMAB to become accredited under the NMAS. The Accord Group is an RMAB which receives applications for accreditation by invitation only. We accredit mediators and consultants that are affiliated with our training courses.

There are a number of RMABs throughout Australia, some of which receive applications from outside of their own organisation. For a full list of RMABs visit the website of the Mediator Standards Board

The Practice Standards
The Practice Standards are developed for mediators operating under the NMAS and set out the process for mediation. They also assist parties to understand the process and prepare for their participation at mediation.

Both the Approval and Practice Standards are relevant to:
  • mediators seeking accrediation under NMAS
  • accredited mediators operating under NMAS
  • users of mediation services.

Further information
Additional information on the NMAS, the Approval Standards, the Practice Standards and RMABs is available on the MSB website at