Advanced Mediation Workshop

This popular 2-day workshop provides mediators with an opportunity to develop their mediation techniques through constructive dialogue with peers, the sharing of learning experiences, addressing challenges faced and issues that have arisen in their mediation work.

We are pleased to offer new programmes based on the latest and most relevant challenges facing attendees. Areas of focus include:
  • Getting the most from preliminary and separate sessions
  • Designing multi-party processes
  • Use of blended dispute resolution processes
  • Dealing with the challenges of limited authority
  • Setting up your own consultancy/business
  • Creative ways to implement traditional micro-skills
This workshop is open to those who have been trained and are practising as mediators. The programme provides 15 hours CLE for re-accreditation under the Australian Mediator Standards.

Feedback from past Advanced Mediation Workshop participants:

"Wonderful program to reinforce skills and confidence. Enjoyable too!"
Wendy Strathdee, Mediator and Barrister, Elizabeth Street Chambers

"A great opportunity to work with a diverse and skilled group of ADR practitioners. A very good learning experience"
Tom Stodulka, Specialist ADR Practitioner

"After 2,000 mediations I learnt a lot from these 2 days, from both peers and presenters."
Alan McDonald, Mediated Solutions

“Excellent to re-engage with the mediation sector and be inspired by the possibility of alternative dispute resolution across a range of sectors as well as the one I currently work in.”
Robyn Arnott, Family Dispute Resolution Provider, FRCs Sydney

“I found this course well structured, informative and inspiration as per usual, hence the reason I like to do a mediation course with The Accord Group every year.”
Stephen Raff, Mediator and CEO of Ace Body Corporate Management P/L

Further Information
For details about upcoming workshop dates, costings and registration see our Training Calendar.