Cecily is the General Manager for The Accord Group.

She manages dispute resolution services and in that capacity is

  • Assistant Franchising Mediation Adviser appointing and supporting mediators for disputes between franchisors and franchisees under the statutory Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Assistant Horticulture Mediation Adviser appointing and supporting mediators for disputes between growers, agents and merchants under the statutory Horticulture Code of Conduct
  • Assistant Oilcode Dispute Resolution Adviser managing dispute resolution services for disputes between oil companies and petroleum retailers under the statutory Oilcode
  • Providing dispute resolution and secretariat services under the Film Exhibition and Distribution Code of Conudct which covers disputes between movie distributors and cinemas
  • Assisting the Wine Industry Code of Conduct to appoint experts for disputes between winegrape growers and winemakers
  • Assisting corporations to have effective dispute resolution processes with their stakeholders

Cecily is an accredited mediator and provides early intervention services aimed at resolving disputes quickly and informally.

She also educates the franchising sector about dispute resolution processes under the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Cecily is a Commerce and Law graduate having studied in Australia, the US and Denmark. She has participated in the International Commercial Mediation Competition conducted in Paris by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Before joining The Accord Group in 2013 Cecily worked in a law firm and with the Australian Federal Court.